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Panther Martin Original Fishing Lures

The Original In-line Sonic Spinner

We have been selling Panther Martin fishing lures in Canada since 1958. Panther Martin fishing lures are also sold in the United States of America, Europe, Asia and Australia and are known to be one of the very best lures in the world for trout fishing. However, the fact is that Panther Martin lures are highly effective for catching other fish species such as perch, pickerel, pike, bass and many more.

Old Favourites and New Traditions

While we continue to carry many of the original Panther Martin lures that we have been selling all these years, over the recent past several years we have added a number of new lures to our line including UV, Holographic, Stainless Steel, Red Hooks and Lake Trolls.

Want to Catch More Fish?

Fishermen repeatedly tell us that they catch fish using Panther Martin lures, not just once in a while but consistently, year in and year out. Over 100 million Panther Martin lures have now been sold globally,
and the number continues to increase. We are confident that you will catch fish with Panther Martin lures, as millions of anglers around the world continue to do.

Panther Martin in Action

Catch Grayling with Panther Martin

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Catching Lake Trout with Panther Martin Spinners

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Catch Arctic Char with Panther Martin Spinners

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Catching Walleye with Panther Martin Spinners

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Catching Pike with Panther Martin Spinners

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