Clear Water Salmon Lures

Salmon and trout have exceptional vision in clear water. The Panther Martin Clear Water Salmon Series is made with brilliant metallic finishes to maximize flash and colour.

River fishermen know that salmon and trout love to strike single salmon egg clusters and lash out at flashes of green and blue that remind them of the bait fish they regularly feed on. This series works especially well in clear water pools and rapids.

Clear Water Salmon Lures Panther Martin
Panther Martin Salmon lures are highly effective. The shaft design create a unique action that drives fish crazy. One of our best selling series.

  1. Double reverse concave-convex blade attaches directly “through the shaft”, without swivel. This unique design maximizes water flow over the blade to produce a blade.
  2. Genuine gold and silver-plate blades reflect more light thereby attracting more fish.
  3. Constant 40-degree angle of blade is always in balanced position making it easy to cast with perfect motion- even on upstream casts!
  4. Heavy weighted brass bodies cast further and sink deeper to where the fish are.
  5. Razor sharp VMC hooks catch the fish and keep them hooked!
  6. Blade rotation creates vibrations which sends out hydro-sonic waves that “call to the fish”, even when they can’t see them.
  7. Fluorescent beads that mimic salmon eggs, makes the egg spinner irresistible to salmon and steelhead.

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