Best Fishing Lures to fish in Canada includes Panther Martin

Published by Outdoor Canada

The Panther Martin Spinner is known for its unique concave-convex blade, designed to produce sonic vibrations to attract fish. I always have an original version with the yellow and red body in my tacklebox. The blade is attached directly through the shaft without a clevis, the spinner can be cast and retrieved in any type of water, making it as popular on flowing rivers as it is on lakes, where the weighted body also allows it to be trolled. The Panther Martin was originally designed for trout fishing, but I also like it as a search lure for the likes of perch, and even walleye. — Brad Fenson

Outdoor Canada, “Best lures for fishing in Canada”

The greatest 50 fishing lures of all time includes Panther Martin.

Published by Field & Stream Magazine

These spinners are also moderately heavy in proportion to their overall size. This combined with the spinning-blade angle allows them to run relatively deep-“which is often where you need to be when trout fishing. A 1/16-ounce, silver-bladed version with a spotted yellow body is my go-to choice for picking trout from the pockets of steeply tumbling mountain creeks. As with most trout spinners, fish upstream. – Todd Huffman

Merwin, John. “The 50 Greatest Lures of All Time”

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