Pike & Musky Fishing Lures

The Panther Martin Pike and Musky Series represent the versatility of Panther Martin spinners. Big fish eat big food and Panther Martin’s large and colourful spinners equipped with bright bucktails represent the food pike and musky love to eat. These lures can be trolled or cast to pike and musky holding areas.

Large Bucktail Spinners Panther Martin

  • Our large bucktails are made with the same design as tiny Panther Martin spinners – only bigger!
  • Available in 7 exciting finishes, Panther Martin Large Bucktails are available in size 20 (3/4 ounce) and size 28 (1 ounce).
  • We’ve made the weighted bodies extra long to keep the blade away from the hook while it’s spinning).
  • Make long casts, retrieve steadily and cover as much water as you can. When you get a hit – HOLD ON!

Pike and Musky Lures Chart

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