Lure Kits 3-Packs

Pro Pack
A special combination of three dressed hook lures that includes one spotted, one salamander and one deluxe spinner.

Salmon Steelhead
Three of our best-selling single hook lures with genuine silver plated blades and bright metallic paint on brass bodies.

This 3-pack includes three teardrop spinners with holographic finishes in our best-selling patterns. They are ideal for catching trout, salmon, bass, pickerel and many other species.

Ultra Violet
These lures have eye popping ultra violet finishes that attract passing fish. UV lures are particularly effective on cloudy days or in murky or discoloured waters. They are deadly on trout, bass, salmon, steelhead and many other species.

Classic Trout
Best of the Best Value 3-Pack. Three of our best-selling Panther Martin spinners in our best-selling size 4 (/8 ounce). They are proven to catch trout, salmon, bass, perch and many other species.

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