Silver Fluorescent Yellow PMES SFY (Single Hook)


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Treble HookSingle HookThis is what a single hook looks like. Make sure you've chosen the lure to meet your needs!This is what a treble hook looks like. Make sure you've chosen the lure to meet your needs!


The combination of the legendary action of the Panther Martin convex/concave blades with the added attraction of natural translucent, fluorescent beads that mimic salmon eggs, makes the egg spinner irresistible to salmon and steelhead. These blades are made with genuine silver plating and are available with a siwash single hook. While lightweight, the egg spinner casts well and spins easily, making it ideal for both shallow water and river fishing.

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6 (1/4 oz), 9 (3/8 oz), 12 (7/16 oz)


Single Hook


Canada only


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