Classic Trout Fly 6 Pack


Treble HookSingle HookThis is what a single hook looks like. Make sure you've chosen the lure to meet your needs!This is what a treble hook looks like. Make sure you've chosen the lure to meet your needs!
Disclaimer: The actual individual lures included in each value kit may vary from the images posted on this website. We reserve the right to substitute similar lures within each specific product family when making individual value kits. By placing an order, customers expressly confirm acceptance of this policy.


We have been selling Panther Martin lures across Canada since 1958.
The unique concave/convex blade in a direct through the shaft lure design is a highly effective spinning lure. Our lures have proven to have superior fish catchability and they continue to be
extremely popular after all these years.

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2 (1/16 oz), 4 (1/8 oz)


Treble Hook


Canada only

Panther Martin Lures Size Chart

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