Weedless Lures for Bass and Pike

Catches bass, yet also effective for pike, musky and more.

Spinning Propeller Head Puts the “BUZZ” in the Panther Martin WeedWing!
This metal lure was truly a “buzz bait” before there were buzz baits! The WeedWing’s spinning propeller head creates a buzzing churning, sputtering sound as it whizzes through the water that simply drives bass crazy. The double weed guard on each of these lures allows it to be retrieved over the heaviest lily pads and vegetation without getting caught or hung up with weeds!

Bass and Pike Weedless Lures Panther Martin

  1. Weighted body casts extremely well. Well balanced and easy to direct at targeted zones. Excellent top-water lure that can also be used with a trailer for mid-water or bottom fishing.
  2. Spinning propeller head creates a V-shaped wake. The “wing” turns every time and makes a churning or gurgling sound that taunts fish causing them to strike.
  3. Wide gap hook makes it easier to catch fish during the retrieve.
  4. Double weed guard makes this a truly weedless lure that can be fished in the thickest vegetation.

Weedwings Size Chart

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